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Oct 8, 2012 11:30am PDT
. the republican contender used today's speech to keep up his criticism of the obama administration. romney had a swagger. he's riding a wave of momentum after last week's debate. latest poll taken after the denver show count has the race tied at 47 among registered voters. president obama had a five point advantage in the three days leading in th debate theame poll found voters ovwhelngly sd romy won't debate, the biggest debate win ever recorded by gallup. bigger than clinton's 42 point margin over bush.4!zf[รง in los angeles last night musicians lent their support. mr. obama thanked the performers and threw in a not so subtle reference to his debate performance. >> the president: theyerfor flawlely, night aft nit. i can't always say the same. reporter: with the polls tightening the pressure is on vice president biden who squares off against ryan thursday night. karen travers, abc news, washington. >>> senator feinstein has called for a federal investigation into record gas prices we are pail. today's report shows san francisco averages $4.74 for regular oakland and san jose $4.68. those pric
Oct 5, 2012 11:30am PDT
ignited a twitter storm this morning when he accused the obama administration of manipulating the numbers for political gain. >> there are always charges of manipulation on either side that's conspiracy thinking. >> reporter: the bureau who put out the jobs report are infrom the political process some republicans say welsh was way of base. karen traver, abc news, washington. >> american airlines cancelled a flight this morning as part of ongoing problems with seats. the flight was scheduled to takeoff 6:40 this morning the airline taking 44 flights out of service to fix the seat problems. 50 flights were cancelled yesterday. american ys wear, poor design and spilled soda can cause seats to pop loose during the flight. this adds to the troubles. >>> health officials in contra costa county holding a news conference this morning concerning an east bay man who died from rabies although paced away overseas he may have contracted the disease close to home. laura anthony is in martinez. what are the health officials saying? >> reporter: they say this ma did contract rabies he in contra costa cou
Oct 8, 2012 9:00pm PDT
. [applause]. >>reporter: president obama speaking live at the bill gram vic auditoum in san francisco holding a big fundraiser tonight. he takes off some of the accomplishment of his administration that would he point to in an attempt to be reelected soon. he is coming off a debate in which many said he did not do well against mitt romney. and he is here in san francisco raising more money from his campaign. thursday the vice president candidates will debate and next week next tuesday the 2 presidential comb will debate e moreime. after spending the night sanrancco he ll hea next to ohio torrow before returnio the white house. >>> well on his way bay area from los angeles today the president made a side trip. he dedicated new national monument in honor of the late farm leader chavez happened where the united farm worker still has the headquarters in teen, californ east of bakerield e werthere toy forhe dedition of. >>port: it's prident obairst vis to central california introduced by ufw leader rodriguez the crowd of thousands gave the president a festive welcome. >> the presiden
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3